Saturday, January 29, 2011

The bid has impressed Saguenay

Everyone agreed last Thursday night at La Cage aux Sports Chicoutimi, Saguenay that had presented a strong case and impeccable representatives Sports Québec for the Winter Games of 2013.
Indeed, this was confirmed by the president of the provincial Raymond Coté, following the announcement naming the City Mayor John Smith as winner of the lotto games in Quebec City which was also attended Laval.
"What I retain from the application of Saguenay is the thoroughness and accuracy of their records. Officials thought of every detail and answered all the questions they were asked by the jury with the same resolutions, documents, letters of commitment, etc.. Their case had very little weakness. It was also felt that this application was well supported by the community including the City who was very active, "said the eminence grise of Sports Quebec.
Recalling the Saguenay had two refusals before getting a positive response, M, Coté stressed that Saguenéens had not given up and had even worked even harder to correct deficiencies in their case earlier. "Here in Quebec we have sports requirements and your organization has well defined. She also understood the goals we are pursuing for a healthy lifestyle, "added the president, noting the relevance and credibility conveyed by two spokesmen of Saguenay, Pierre Lavoie, Valérie Maltais.

"It will be a great adventure for Saguenay - Raymond Cote, President Quebec Sports
Coming Soon
Mr. Coté has finally recalled that with the granting of the 48th Jeux du Québec in Saguenay in 2013, work has just begun for the organizing committee which will undertake a mission of observation in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Beauharnois, from 25 February to 3 March, to attend the final winter.
"We'll have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saguenay and support the organizing committee in its preparations for the next two years. We will also ensure that some deadlines will be respected ", list the president who has not participated in the final decision. That a selection panel, composed of seven persons and chaired by Michel Dessureault, who heard both presentations and made the choice as host city of Saguenay.
Finally mention that once the dust settles, the interim committee will continue its work and appoint a board of directors and a president, to find a CEO and a permanent home, hire employees, recruiting volunteers, etc.. "It will be a great adventure for Saguenay," concluded Raymond Coté whose daughter is settled in the area.

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