Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quebec and Winnipeg Bettman quiet game

RALEIGH, North Carolina | Commissioner Gary Bettman does not want to promise anything to anyone about a possible relocation grant, whether in Quebec or Winnipeg.
This he repeated yesterday during his traditional press conference prior to the All-Star Game.
Last Sunday, Quebecor confirmed to have offered tens of millions of dollars to Quebec City for the construction of an amphitheater, in order to bring the Nordiques in Quebec City.
The case has progressed, but every son are not attached, particularly in regard to federal assistance.
"Many stories have made headlines in recent years that the record of the amphitheater at Quebec was settled, and that the financing was completed," said Bettman. Nobody has confirmed anything. In my discussions with the Mayor and the Prime Minister, it was suggested that we do not foresee an expansion or relocation, so we can not promise a new franchise. "
"We do not want people build an amphitheater on our behalf, with the expectation that grants them a franchise."
Bettman remains open, however. "If the opportunity arises and there is an amphitheater independent of us," he says.
In Winnipeg, too, the excitement rises to the idea of seeing an NHL franchise, next to the precarious situation in Phoenix.
"I did everything in my power to not only people of Winnipeg have too high expectations," said Bettman, again to calm the game
"Everyone knows my position. If we have to move a team, we want to do in a place where we were before, a place where the situation has changed. "

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