Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ideas: the pill would not grow ...

The time when women could accuse them of their little pill extra pounds would be over? So says a study conducted in 2010 by U.S. researchers.To conduct this survey, scientists at Oregon Health & Science University have spent a year studying rhesus macaque monkeys. Their reproductive system is very close to ours, they have combined their results with those of humans.
According to their study, the combination pill and weight gain would be unjustified. Dr. Judy Cameron, lead author of the article explains this belief "It is likely that the reason why this belief persists is due to the fact that the weight gained with age is attributed to the pill. " Thus, women associate their weight gain to the pill, while the latter would come only passing years.

However, their study does suggest that the non-existence of this link. She can not prove anything 100% that there is no real relation between pill and weight gain.

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