Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Cairo, protesters cheered the army

CAIRO (Reuters) - Thousands of Egyptians have braved the Friday night curfew imposed by President Hosni Mubarak, after a day of unprecedented challenge, cheered the soldiers deploying on the streets of the capital Egyptian.
Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, the epicenter of events in the past four days, the order given by the Rais had no effect on the demonstrators who crowded well after dark around armored vehicles of the army, cheering, singing the national anthem and trying to win the soldiers to their cause.
Medical sources, indicate that at least five demonstrators were killed and 870 wounded in clashes Friday in Cairo between successive groups of protesters and police, equipped with rubber bullets, grenades tear gas and water cannons.
"How can they do that? Instead of helping the people who fought for our rights, these people dance with the devil," complains Zeinab Abdel Fattah, 17. "I do not care about politics and I am a coward, but I will soon join them because I can not see them kill our guys."
Following a "day of rage" proclaimed by opponents of President Mubarak has instructed the army to assist the police and imposed a night curfew has been extended into the evening to all cities the country.
But incidents continued after its entry into force. Scenes of fraternization were also held. Here, police and protestors embrace, then a policeman made the V for victory.
"You should join us. We need you and we're in this together, my brother," said one protester to a police officer, who nods his head and answered: "Yes, of course."
Despite the deployment of the army in the streets, gunshots were heard near the parliament in central Cairo, and flames were raised at the headquarters of the National Democratic Party (NDP) party of Mubarak, according images broadcast by the Qatari channel Al Djariza.
A Reuters photographer saw groups of people entering a building of the ruling party and come out with an armful of chairs, carpets and other objects. The Al Arabiya channel said that protesters tried to take control of the headquarters of state television before being ousted by the army.
"The armed forces began to deploy forces in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, the first phase of the implementation of the decree imposing a curfew from 18:00," reported the official news agency.
But the attitude of the soldiers face the protesters seemed undecided. And their arrival is hailed the army with a reputation for neutrality.
Near Tahrir Square, Cairo's main square, a Reuters correspondent saw from 2000 to 3000 demonstrators surrounded a military vehicle. Some of them have flown over and shook the hands of soldiers.
"The army and the people are united," they cried. Another slogan heard on that occasion: "The revolution is here."
In the town of Suez, where army tanks have also appeared, dozens of protesters also tried to sympathize with the soldiers, cheering, talking to them.
All day, clashes broke out between security forces and demonstrators in the streets of Cairo, where tens of thousands of people took. "We can die but Egypt has to live," shouted one of them.

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