Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proponents pissed off against the City of Granby

(GRANBY) A dozen developers are working together to denounce the changes that the Town of Granby is about to do under the agreement relating to municipal works with developers.
These changes will increase costs borne by the contractors during the development of streets. Ultimately, this "will have a huge impact on land prices," argues Daniel Bélanger Construction Horizon.
This was accompanied yesterday by Michel Duchesneau Habitations Duchesneau, André Robert and Robert Avery Real Estate, Jose Lobato and Alain Pigeon Joca Construction, Bertrand Ostiguy of the company that bears his name and the land Denis Juaire surveyor.
Proponents stand against the will of the City no longer want to pay for certain costs when developing new streets, such as costs of oversizing (where larger tubing is needed to serve developments below), and those pumping stations.
"One wonders what the purpose," said Jose Lobato. We are going to suffer this settlement and we will implement our buyers, who are often first-time buyers and have a limited budget. "What will happen is that it will cause urban sprawl and a exodus to neighboring municipalities, where land is cheaper, "says Michel Duchesneau.

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