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Learning P. K. Subban

(Raleigh) The All-Star game the NHL is behind us, and now all of America will turn their eyes towards the Arlington location of the next Super Bowl. A grand finale where there will certainly loudmouths who will speak in mass of players who will do anything to get noticed, and others who will not be shy about celebrating their successes to their fans. And nobody will complain.
So why is it gets carried away when PK Subban doing all that?
The weekend's All-Star game helped us to review PK some love ... and others hate. Saturday night at the skills competition, we saw the young Canadian defender fun, try feints impossible. And why not, we have seen take the jersey of a teammate!
Of course, it was the weekend of the Stars, and in a setting like this, is tolerated.
But the outbursts of enthusiasm and great demonstrations of joy, they are less tolerant when it's a regular season game, say.
PK Subban not even a full season under his belt, but already, his reputation follows him. Loudmouth. Talks too much. Puts too much mustard. Briefly, a behavior that is considered normal if the PK was a young NFL player. American football, and PK Subban, there are dozens and dozens.
But in the world of hockey more rigid, it does just not happening.
"I'm not going to change the hockey," he said over the weekend, when I told him about that reputation. All I want to do is play with passion. I always played like that. "
Subban admits that all this attention on a little surprised. "Before, what I was doing on the ice, nobody spoke. It was not a big story. At the same time, I've never been under the microscope as I am now. In this league, anything you do will be released. "
And those who say that PK Subban has no respect for hockey? "Instead, we must respect our sport ... I do not think I disrespect. All I want to do is play with passion and energy. I concentrate on that. "
It is clear, the defender of 22 years do not expect to do much talking this season. Should we recall the controversy? There was the story with Mike Richards, the celebrations that have been played and replayed on TV, there was this cold with Scott Gomez, and the time when Jacques Martin sent him think a little up there on the porch Press.
And there were these rumors. Behind the scenes, they began to whisper that he was already getting on the nerves of his teammates ...
"This is not true. I know the guys support me. I am a young player, and there will be periods of learning for me. This is normal. All I want is to be myself. I am an energetic guy, I'm a guy who likes to have fun.
"It's all part of my learning. I am a young man and I'm still learning. It's like my forced leave the press box. That too, I think it's part of the path he must walk. I'm still a rookie, and I am still learning. I am aware. "
That may be his friend and teammate Carey Price, who has best described this weekend. When he was asked to summarize briefly PK Subban, Price replied: "PK is PK"
Indeed. Remains to be seen whether PK PK will continue to be in a league where players are preferred erased.
A "tailgate" hockey
In the Raleigh area, we often plague against the RBC Center. One likes to recall that the arena of the Carolina Hurricanes are in a field on the edge of the road, and we should have to build it downtown.
It is true that the arena in a field, it is never very practical. We must go by car, is still far and often, side roads, it's a mess. Ottawa people who know something.
But there is a benefit to it, and supporters of the Caroline quickly found: a field in an arena, that means ample space for parking ... and for the tailgate! "
The "tailgate" is of course the tradition borrowed from American football, which is to arrive early and several hours before the game, then get out the barbecue and meat, beer and nachos, and binge before the match begins.
Written like that, sure, it looks like it lacks a little class, but believe me it's always special to see that. It was very hot in Raleigh Sunday afternoon, and fans took the opportunity to afford a solid tailgate, with all the joys that entails. There were even kids playing hockey between parked cars.
It is this with the fans of Carolina: they are passionate, they know their hockey more, and they know how to party.
In fact, this All-Star weekend in the state of Ric Flair has been quite successful. Nobody knew what to expect this weekend in the land of NASCAR Stars and college basketball, but finally the people of Carolina can use a cold and say mission accomplished. We doubted hockey in Carolina, but frankly, the washer is doing very well here. Wholesale trade involved?
With teams in the league who return the necklace Monday, we guess that the trade rumors will also resume. Who is a seller, buyer is, as one wonders if many in the community? We'll see.
In any case, it is not here in Raleigh that the DG of the league were big business. First, that not all the DGs of the circuit were here, and besides, most DG seemed more in vacation mode in work mode.
Serious discussions should quietly ... but not too much, according to Brian Burke, general manager of the Maple Leafs. Burke does not expect any major coups in the coming days.
"I do not think the trade market will begin to overheat dramatically right now," commented CEO Toronto. I do not think a CEO of this league is already feeling the need to compromise. There are still a lot of time, almost a month before the trade deadline. A month in this league is very long. "
The trade deadline this season is February 28. Rumors of the return of Kovalev in Montreal will perhaps stop by then. Maybe. Giroux and the Flyers can they sustain the pace?
We expected a big season for Mike Richards in Philadelphia, Jeff Carter for same. Claude Giroux? Yes, we expected a good season for Claude Giroux. But who would have predicted that the All-Star break, this type would be the top scorer of the club, tied with Richards?
Giroux was of course the All-Star game Sunday, and in this locker room full of big names, he went a little unnoticed. In addition, Claude Giroux do not like about him. He was successful because of the Flyers, and he began immediately to discuss his teammates.
And this match-Star?
"I was just honored to be the match-Star weekend," he replied. It was special. But then, I look forward to the rest of the season. I know my role with the team. "
His role, apparently, is to score. And pass the puck. A role he performs well, as demonstrated by his record of 47 points in 50 games.
"I'm just trying to fulfill my role, yes ... I was always the guy who scored goals, but with the Flyers, it was so many players who can score ... "
Remains to be seen if the Flyers are going to continue like that. Basically, the real question is this one: the Flyers are finally willing to move "to another level," as they say in the middle?
Last year, the club was two victories from a Stanley Cup, after all ...
"It is really good parties, we play well lately, but we must find a way to continue like this," said the French player.
It's been over 30 years that the Flyers are trying to find a way. We'll see if this time is the charm.
The quote of the weekend
"My age."
Carey Price's response when he was asked to name the biggest difference between Carey Price's Star game in 2011, and Carey Price of the Star game in 2009.
Statistics of interest
According to a survey of Hockey Night In Canada with 318 NHL players, is that Quebec deserves to be considered next town that can accommodate a hockey club. In all, 53% of players surveyed said Quebec, against 25% in Winnipeg.
Does it just change the file? Absolutely nothing.
The other statistic of interest
When booting the game Star, Sunday in Raleigh, there were just over $ 204 million in salaries over the ice of the RBC Center.
No, there is no salary cap in the All-Star Game.
The figure worthwhile
It is said that the NHL is a youth league? That's true. At Star game, the average age was 26.6 years for Team Staal, and 27.6 years for team Lidstrom.
The other figure worthwhile
The number of hits during the All-Star Game. Inevitably, it reopens the debate every year. And we ask the same question: should we continue to present these matches Stars?
Well, looking in the stands, watching a few of the fans arriving at the arena, I possibly found the answer: yes. Just seeing all these kids smiling at the superstars of the NHL, just for that, the All-Star game is worth it.

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