Monday, January 31, 2011

Valerie Pécresse: "I feel uncomfortable vis-à-vis the trial of Mr. Chirac"

The trial of Jacques Chirac should it take place? First, let me just say I was appalled by the voyeurism of some about the former president since he left the Presidency of the Republic. This contrasts with the voyeurism extraordinary dignity of Jacques Chirac. He has never stolen. He always said he would go before the judges and he would say its part of truth to judges. So when I hear Eva Joly Jacques Chirac to look for Pinochet, I find that it is singularly lacking in dignity. Ms. Joly should review his history of France.
The evocation of the illness of Mr. Chirac by his relatives made it part of his defense strategy?
This is not an issue.
You did not answer the question. This trial should take place?
I feel vis-à-vis the trial, malaise. I'm not the only one since I heard Arnaud Montebourg, who was one of the great fighters of Jacques Chirac, saying that this trial comes too late, twenty years after the fact. I think in addition that the damage was repaired vis-à-vis the Paris City Hall. We turned the page. Jacques Chirac was a great president. The French plébiscitent. They consider it counted for them. There is a discrepancy between this trial and what France owes to the former President of the Republic.
The French do not have to be equal before their justice?
If my personal feeling has nothing to do with what happens. Jacques Chirac has said with great dignity. He will meet his judges.
The Committee recommends Sauvé to legislate on the conflict of interest? How far should we go?
Avoid suspicion, but does not fall into the Inquisition. I'm for transparency. However, it will not happen, by multiplying the prohibitions, to cover the whole spectrum of situations. A health minister, can he have his doctor father, his wife a nurse, pharmacist daughter? To these questions, I answer yes.
A parliamentarian may be lawyers?
Yes, of course. provided that transparency is assured. When doing politics, one enters a kind of priesthood should assume the obligation to say a few things about ourselves to the French. And even if our right to privacy is reduced to a trickle. However, where it becomes complicated is vis-à-vis the environment. Around us did not choose our life.
Faced with the threat of an outbreak of the FN in 2012, the majority is divided on the desirability of a centrist candidate. What do you think?
It is only justified if there is an alternative draft, differential, otherwise it degenerates into a personal quarrel and it's very bad. But I see no alternative project to the New Center. As for Jean-Louis Borloo, he worked hand in hand with the UMP to bring ideas.

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