Saturday, January 29, 2011

Contador denies

Two days after the announcement of his suspension, Alberto Contador gave a press conference in Majorca. Denying again enhancing drug, he suggested he would appeal.
Suspended one year by the Spanish Federation on Wednesday after testing positive to clenbuterol on the 2010 Tour de France, Alberto Contador held a news conference to deliver his first reactions Friday in Mallorca. Unsurprisingly, "El Pistolero", which was accompanied for the occasion of his sporting director at Saxo Bank, Bjarne Riis, but also its spokesman, Jacinto Vidaverte, has once again denied having violated the rules. "I've never doped. And I can tell the head-I think is an example of honesty. I'm clean. The only mistake I made is to have eaten a steak that had not been analyzed before, "he unleashed a determined tone.
"A system obsolete ' Before questioning the whole system of anti-doping. "I have been tested 500 times during my career. Most of them by surprise. My home for family reunions, in the middle of a movie or when I was with friends at the restaurant, and every time I got submitted without flinching because I trusted this system. But now I no longer believe. The system is obsolete and outdated, "he added. As for whether he will use his opportunity to appeal his suspension to nine days to come, these last words leave little room for doubt: "I will use every means possible to prove my innocence."

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