Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polar Nights "Success across the board"

(Three Rivers) To get people out the winter was one of the challenges of creating the Polar nights five years ago. Them out at temperatures below -20 ° C, as was the case last weekend, demonstrates the success of the formula. Organizers estimate that more than 27 000 people who participated in one or other of the fifty proposed activities of 20 to 23 January in downtown Trois-Rivieres.
"It was a success across the board, marked by the enthusiasm of the people and traders. The Polar nights are now an event rooted in the landscape trifluvian. We found the winning formula this year, "rejoiced yesterday Chairman of the Board, Mathieu Lahaye, drawing a balance sheet of the 2011 edition.
It explains, among other things, the slight increase in ridership this year, for the improvement of programming evenings. The two shows scheduled Friday (Bazin Eric Masson and Bobby) and Saturday (Nomadic Massive and Planet Smashers), combined with the final ski and snowboard on the same block, have fueled an animation that appealed to the public.
Other elements of this "winning formula" observed in the site configuration of the polar nights. The layout of the scene shows the outside corner of Hart and Forges, and the designation of the entire Champlain Park for Great family event over two days have contributed to the success of the event.
Some figures
President Mathieu Lahaye and Chief Charles Guillemette Polar nights have revealed some data illustrating the various aspects of participation in the celebration of winter. A feast combining cultural activities, sports and outdoors.
For example, over 60 athletes from Montreal, Quebec, Mauricie and Ontario have measured their skills in competition S3 Classic Open, a competition which has distributed $ 15 000 in prizes. The Museum of Folk Culture has hosted 103 visitors (27 families), and 94 people participated in the cross-frosted to Borealis.
Also in the cultural, 300 visitors visited the exhibition "Life bourgeois Manor Boucher de Niverville and the Ciné-Campus received 47 moviegoers to the film animation" Dragon ".
Indoor concerts were also a resounding success. Misses those of Satchmo and Jimmy Hunt also showed full. Finally, night tours and tasting visit to the Centre Raymond-Lasnier drew 260 people, brave and 95 participated in the Tour of fear.
The financial results for the fifth edition of the Polar nights should result in a slight surplus, not yet formally identified. "Very, very, very satisfied" Event 2011, its founder and CEO appreciates the "good progress in five years" and aims for 2012 the consolidation of the acquired level of maturity this year.

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