Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dmitri Medvedev complains of inadequate security at Domodedovo

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday challenged the airport Domodedovo Moscow and demanded the resignations in the wake of the suicide bombing was 35 dead and over 150 injured in the finish area the first airport in Russia.
The attack, reminiscent of the modus operandi of insurgents in the North Caucasus Russian Muslim majority, has not been claimed.
"Everything must be done to find, expose and bring to justice the criminals who committed this crime. And their lairs, as deeply embedded as they are, must be liquidated," Dmitry Medvedev has ordered officials of the Federal Security Services.
The Russian president was harshly critical of civil aviation and security services, saying the attack was facilitated by "a systemic failure to ensure the safety of the people" and obvious breaches in safety regulations.
He asked his interior minister to establish a list of security officials the airline facing dismissal and said that those whose responsibilities would be established may be subject to prosecution.
Medvedev has ordered a review of parallel security systems to implement "total audits" of persons and luggage passing through airports.
For his part, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has vowed to "inevitable torment" the perpetrators of the attack. "This is a heinous crime, both for its absurdity only by his cruelty," he said to his ministers.
The explosion occurred in the arrival area of the airport Monday around 16:30. Russian media speculated Tuesday on the identity of the suspected suicide bomber. The Itar-Tass quoted an investigator said that the attack was apparently perpetrated by a portly man of about thirty years, but other media are talking about a woman suicide bomber, or even two assailants.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations has published a list of deceased persons where eight foreigners: two Britons, a German, a Bulgarian, a Kyrgyz, a Tajik, Uzbek and one Ukrainian. We count the French, Italians and Germans among the injured in hospital, but that information could not be confirmed from their embassies.
Domodedovo airport has denied responsibility in the attack, ensuring that all safety measures were followed.
The Russian president has delayed his arrival at the Davos World Economic Forum, which he must deliver the keynote address on Wednesday.
The North Caucasus insurgents have vowed to take their fight to the heart of the capital and hit transport and economic targets.
The commentators felt that they could intensify their campaign of violence in the run of the presidential election of 2012, which could see the former president and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin run for another term as head of state.
Rebels also consider that Sochi will host the Winter Olympics in 2014, belongs to the territory of the Islamic Emirate swear they establish in the North Caucasus.
Moscow was hit in March 2010 by its bloodiest attack in six years, a double suicide attack in the subway committed by two women suicide bombers from Dagestan, which had killed 40 people.
On 24 August 2004, two Tupolev airliners Domodedovo parties had exploded almost simultaneously, making 90 deaths. Security measures at airports were theoretically strengthened since then. "Unfortunately, we are still far from implementing the laws even more important," complained the head of the Kremlin.
Located forty miles southeast of downtown Moscow, Domodedovo is the largest airport in Russia in terms of traffic to the Sheremetyevo.

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