Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gabon: Bongo Mba Obame still defies his supporters dispersed

The police broke up Thursday in Libreville supporters of the opponent Andre Mba Obame refugee agency ousienne, defying President Ali Bongo in challenging the legitimacy of his mandate. Meanwhile, Bongo met his government to Tchibanga (southwest) for a decentralized cabinet, indicating that the power supported by the international community (African Union and France) did not worry about this challenge alone. "It's a pebble in the shoe of Ali and a pebble in the shoe, it irritates and hurts, but it does not worry," said a diplomatic source told AFP Thursday. 
Thursday morning at dawn, the police broke up before the headquarters of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) the hundreds of supporters who supported Mba Obame. According to the AMO camp, the intervention was the work of the police but also "Red Berets (Parachute)" and resulted in arrests. The intervention of the army could not be confirmed by AFP who visited the scene. The Ministry of the Interior recognizes the "arrests" stating "if these people are just supporters, they will not stay in prison." "Several injured" were in hospital but were able to return home by late morning. A person in need of care "for a condition prior to intervention," said a hospital source. "Such acts often lead to incalculable consequences. It is a similar behavior that triggered riots in Port-Gentil," commented Andre Mba Obame, claiming victory in the presidential election in August 2009 after the death of Omar Bongo. After lengthy litigation, Ali Bongo was declared elected in October 2009 with 41.79% of votes ahead of Pierre Mamboundou (25.66%) and Mba Obame (25.33%). In September of post-election violence in Port-Gentil had 3 dead by the power, at least 5 according to the opposition. "The antics of Andre Mba Obame and his company do not laugh and anarchy is a sham whose purpose is to ruin the country's stability. Of course, we imagine that the perpetrators of these childish wish to visit the martyrs, be prosecuted for pretending to be heroes, "wrote the pro-government daily Morning Gabon. "They want the clash to seek martyrs and create a social movement. Mba Obame has not embarked on this adventure without a strategy. It must feel supported somewhere," one observer analysis. Former Minister of Omar Bongo and university professor, ANACLA Bissielo believes: "The elements that were clenching fear the death of Omar Bongo are again there. Mba Obame understood it and probably wants to surf on." "People are moving because they are hungry or because they have political aspirations? You can not separate the two. We discover social concerns in Tunisia in the 1990s but it was the same," Analysis M . Bissielo who had just been "minister" of a "government" bis 1993. So between now rallied, Paul Mba Abessole, self-proclaimed president, had formed a government. Andre Mba Obame "part of the legalists who had triumphed," recalls one observer. "I'm very thoughtful. I know where I go and I will achieve the long-awaited by the Gabonese people who want their vote to be recognized, who wants to freely choose their leaders", had said Wednesday at the AFP Andre Mba Obame.

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