Monday, January 24, 2011

Harper celebrates its fifth anniversary in power

Five years to the day after taking office, the Prime Minister delivered a speech in which he gives a positive assessment of his government.
Before about 1000 supporters and a few ministers gathered in a hotel in Ottawa, Stephen Harper has talked mostly about the achievements of his minority government. He said it was thanks to the policies of his government that Canada, five years after taking office, is stronger, more prosperous, more united and safe.
The prime minister praised his achievements in economy, saying once again that tax cuts have helped businesses create many jobs. He also said that the decline of 2 percentage points of GST under his government has greatly helped the families of the country.
He also commended for the implementation of its plan of economic action.
More than 460,000 net new jobs. The financial sector more stable world. Five consecutive quarters of economic growth. The deficit and debt lowest of all G8 countries, and later in most cases.
- Stephen Harper
Mr. Harper also recalled the numerous laws enacted under his administration to be tougher on criminals.
He also spoke of military investment, which he said have allowed the Canadian Forces to meet the challenges they face, primarily in Afghanistan.
Stephen Harper has also touted his government's advances with immigrants.
The Prime Minister has also placed a defender of Canadian values. He said the Conservatives embody Canadian values such as respect for family, loyalty and honesty.
To his supporters, he also reiterated his promise that one day there would be an elected senate and the register of firearms would be abolished. He also promised he would not increase the tax burden of Canadians.
An assessment criticized by the opposition
The three opposition parties in Ottawa have unanimously told not to be impressed by the Harper government's record.
The leader of New Democratic Party, Jack Layton, said that Canada was not the one portrayed by the Prime Minister. "People still have economic difficulties after five years. It was the largest deficit in history, "he said.
For the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper missed the opportunity to go further. "Time lost, opportunity lost. That strikes me. We have lost ground over the past five years. We could have invested in the economy of the future, "said Mr. Ignatieff.
For its part, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Gilles Duceppe, said the Prime Minister's party deeply divided Canadians, instead of uniting them. "There is a turning point right, cut between Quebec and the federal government as there has never been in the past," said Mr. Duceppe.

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