Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Montreal 2011: A reflection of consumer enthusiasm for the world of self

Last Sunday was the last day of the 2011 Salon de l'Auto Show, which means that today is the perfect time to revisit this important event. For the occasion, we discussed with Bertrand Godin, spokesperson for the exhibition and automotive columnist here at Auto123.com.
According to Godin, an element that has marked the 43th edition is undoubtedly the enthusiasm of the public towards the automotive industry. "Over the past two years, people approached me stating that all was not right for manufacturers. This year, positivism and curiosity about the world of self were back and I think that's a sign of things to come!

With 207,208 visitors, the event was the largest crowd in its history and a 10% increase compared to last year. The modified car enthusiasts were able to find something that suits them in the performance area and some 40 cars, while 877 budding automotive journalists have been able to test the new Kizashi in road tests Suzuki.
Strand Road to the Future, offered in collaboration with Hydro-Quebec, has also attracted the interest of visitors, who also admired the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the Nissan and the Chevrolet Volt LEAF. "People had many questions about electric vehicles, their technologies and their recharge. Organizers have planned the coup, and have contributed to future consumers to leave the Congress well informed face these technologies will be available here shortly, "he adds.
Visitors were also able to see several vehicles for the first time in Canada or North America, including the Hyundai Accent 2012, the Chevrolet Orlando and Sonic 2012, the Ford C-Max, the Land Rover Range Rover Evokes 3-dr 2011, BMW X1 2011 and many others.
On a more personal level, Bertrand Godin said he was very impressed by the concept GMC Granite, but especially by the production version of the Plethora, high performance racing car 100% Canadian. "I could see the car in its infancy and be able to see that dream come true fans and admired by people who were there really is something special."
So on a positive note that ends the Auto Show, which is an undeniable reflection of the state of the automotive industry. Given the enthusiasm and curiosity of the public, 2011 foretell probably very beautiful things and we can only be optimistic for the years to come!

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