Monday, January 24, 2011

Multiple sclerosis: the first looks

(Three Rivers) New discoveries and treatments experienced by Dr. Paolo Zamboni have attracted their share of reactions in the world, starting with the College of Physicians of Quebec last June, has expressed reservations about the effectiveness this treatment, finding that the work of Dr. Zamboni were preliminary and needed further studies "controlled".
However, news of these treatments has generated much hope in people, says the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis, which is funding preliminary studies to ascertain the prevalence and diagnostic methodology of Dr. Zamboni in Canada and the U.S. USA.
"Our position is to be as objective as possible, learn as much as possible and communicate information as objectively as possible with good sources for our members to make the right decisions for them. At this point, we do not advise or try to do something or not to do, "considers Lucie Bilodeau, head of communications for the Canadian Society of Multiple Sclerosis in Quebec, which does not hide not the work of Dr. Zamboni has aroused great interest in North America.
However, this reality has also led to the opening of several private clinics in the world now offer such treatment, a public health system can afford to do in a short time, she believes.
"When they decide to develop methods of intervention, they do after they have completed all stages of research. It meets international standards, we can not pass over, "Ms. Bilodeau said, adding:" It's a track that brings a lot of hope and should be explored, which must take its course in terms of research .
To date, the agency and its U.S. counterpart have invested $ 2.4 million in seven preliminary research to verify this track.
They have also made approaches to government for funding for clinical trials as soon as these preliminary investigations are completed, which could be done at the end of 2011.
"We hope that research will go as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, they say our world is to do their homework, be well informed before going abroad, make a list of questions to ask before undergoing surgery. They really should have all the basic answers, "says Dr. Bilodeau.

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