Sunday, January 23, 2011

Obama makes eyes on Wall Street

 Part of the mandate of Barack Obama has been much oriented "Main Street", symbol of America Mr. & Mrs. Toulemonde. Here we enter the era of Wall Street. In naming Jeffrey R. Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, replacing Paul Volcker, 44th launches dual signal: it is not the enemy of Wall Street and the path to a 2nd term necessarily entails the creation of jobs that can not be with the help of the business. 
The choice of Jeffrey Immelt comes after that of William Daley, former head of JP Morgan Chase, as Chief of Staff, and a month before his speech before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of his fiercest opponents. A little background: When he arrived at the White House, January 21, 2009, the country was on the brink because of the incredible operations of major financial institutions in the country. Obama had to simultaneously ensure the survival of banks and talk to the Americans who found themselves deprived of a job and often a house because of credit default swaps and other financial instruments that have proved to be little more solid a Ponzi scheme to Madoff. The first half of the term has a populist tone. She just closed. 5376836234_a5eea390bc_b.jpg
The second half starts now, will be much more pro-business. The first is to point out, symbolically, that America is also entering a new phase, we enter the phase of economic revival, "the crisis is behind us," Obama wants to serve. This is no time to rescue the economy, but job creation. 44th came, without saying so in the countryside. While Republicans continue to be obsessed by the cancellation of health insurance reform, Obama has a free rein to speak on a topic far more important to Americans: the creation of employment. His opponents are mired in the past, it looks to the future, what the Americans appreciate. The electorate does not like pessimistic, nor those who do not look forward. In the frenzy of the fall, when the elections were approaching mid-term, the issue of health insurance could mobilize opposition. Today is the past. The funniest _ _ except for Republicans is that their plan to cancel the health plan is to drive them to a wall. Three Democrats, elected State Republicans, voted for the cancellation of health law, the vote of the House of Representatives. And the case is splash. Better still we see suddenly that the number of opponents of the law is similar to that of supporters and even better _ _ that opponents of this law are mainly those who find it does not go far enough. The Republicans will soon find the butt at a time before the whole country. Not very dignified, committed when the campaign of 2012. Meanwhile, Barack Obama enlists the support of the business community and, barring accidents, is a step closer to his reelection.

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