Sunday, January 23, 2011

Patrick Roy shocked by the comments of Guy Carbonneau

(Quebec) Shocked by the comments heard at the hall on the airwaves of RDS on Friday night about the action taken by his son Frederick, Patrick Roy gave a call to Guy Carbonneau, yesterday morning, for him disagreement.
"What disgusts me most about all this, what are the comments Carbonneau. First, it is a governor of the QMJHL and he should have refrained from doing so. Then he did not even take the time to watch the action a few times before analysis. I think it was a gratuitous comment and I told him, "Roy explained, referring to the owner of Chicoutimi and governor of the team since the tragic death of Gervais Munger.
Head coach of the Remparts had in his possession a video on YouTube which shows the scene from a different angle than shown in the RDS that brought guests to talk about a disgraceful act deserving severe punishment. Less than 24 hours after the incident, he was convinced that her son did not hit the defender Alex MacDonald from behind and he talked to Raymond Bolduc, the disciplinarian of the QMJHL.
"It was not one. Nobody likes to see a player fall like that and I went to see Clement [Jodoin, head coach of the Oceanic] after the game to inquire about the health status of MacDonald. What worries me a little is that we want to see physical hockey, but we seem unable to determine where the line should not be exceeded. As a coach, it also has a responsibility to show our players how to get in hits, especially since the game is getting faster, "he noted, several hours before knowing the verdict of Bolduc.
Therrien apologizes
Shortly after telephoning Carbonneau, Roy received a call from Gaston Therrien, another panelist from the antechamber, which apologized for the act too quickly judged by the number 88.
"I appreciated the call from Gaston, who apologized after taking the time to review the defeated. He assured me that we rectify the shooting program today [yesterday]. In terms of Carbonneau, I hope the league will fine. As governor, he has no right to make such comments. It is there to make decisions for the good of the league. If working with people who want to make a name, he did not play that game. "

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