Saturday, January 22, 2011

Police officers Richard Côté summit to retract

(Quebec) The president of the Brotherhood of Police of the City of Quebec, Bernard Lehr, that vice-chairman of the executive committee, Richard Côté, to retract a statement he made yesterday in the Journal Quebec. The Brotherhood has sent a formal notice to Mr. Côté, yesterday, in which he gives seven days to reconsider his words, otherwise "legal actions necessary will be undertaken" to him. 

In the signed text of the pen of the journalist Jean-François Racine, Mr. Cote said he will correct every time "untruths" will be borne by the opponent. In the article, it is understood that "the enemy" is Mr. Lehr and the president of the union of white collar workers of the City of Quebec, Jean Gagnon.
Earlier this week, MM. Lehr side and have exchanged letters in which they would pass the blame for the cancellation of two arbitration hearings concerning the renewal of the collective agreement. These meetings should be held earlier this month. On 11 January the President of the Brotherhood had also denounced the cancellations in the Journal de Quebec. It is in connection with these arbitration hearings canceled Mr. Côté said he wanted to correct "falsehoods" conveyed by Mr. Lehr.
As a policeman, he said he could not tolerate being accused of conveying false information. He swears that his organization will take the necessary steps to obtain redress, if Mr. Côté will not retract.
"This is not because Mr. Cote is Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the City of Quebec is entitled to say anything and it may tarnish my reputation," said Lehr , in a telephone interview.
Mr. Lehr also denounced the fact that Mr. Côté will perceive it as an opponent. "I am the spokesman of the police, and Mr. Côté is the spokesman for the city, argued Mr. Lehr. He should not see me as an adversary. Our common concern should be to serve the citizens and not be adversaries. "
Mr. Côté has not responded to the call that The Sun has made in his office yesterday to obtain comment on the filing of the notice he received by messenger.

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