Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Lucien Bouchard to the rescue of the gas industry

Lucien Bouchard has always been beloved by Quebecers. The Oil and Gas Association has therefore called in reinforcements. He replaces Andre Caille at the head of this association. The opponents immediately denounced the appointment of the last chance. Is Lucien Bouchard still has all the confidence of Quebecers?
The government and the ADQ have welcomed the appointment of Lucien Bouchard. A government that had just turn around and go back in case of shale gas.
Josée Legault under Lucien Bouchard is the new vendor-in-chief-of-gas-to-shale. "Since leaving her former Conservative cabinet to head the" Lucid ", Mr. Bouchard has slowly spent significant parts of his capital in popularity, credibility and charisma. Remains to be seen how much it will cost this new mission? "
Opponents are not impressed. Dominic Champagne, who has been fighting for months to get a moratorium issued a Facebook text written by Jacques B. Gelinas to better understand the links between Lucien Bouchard and gas industry in Quebec. He commented: "Food for thought for Lucien Bouchard ... Obama just said that to release energy from yesterday, it had to invest in clean energy development. The future is in-front. Yes we can! "
Renart The Buddha is not impressed either. "He then I believe that Lucien Bouchard will lose for good its friendly moniker" Lulu "with this appointment at the reins of the Oil and Gas Association of Quebec, this" Lulu "that was like a bridge between him and the the people. "
This appointment came the same day as the death of his former wife Audrey Best, the mother of his two children. The latter argued that Lucien Bouchard in the 1995 referendum campaign and during his battle against the flesh-eating bacteria, was fighting against breast cancer for three years. She lost her battle at the age of 50 years.
It is also for this that Lucien Bouchard did not comment on his appointment yesterday. RueFrontenac said that all interviews were arrested when the news broke. Normal. Lucien Bouchard had better things to do, which support both son.

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