Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tunisia: thousands of protesters in France for Democracy

LYON - Thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in France to support the democratic awakening in Tunisia or "Jasmine Revolution". They requested the departure of the former regime bosses Ben Ali in the transitional government. About 800 people, police said, according to the 1500-2000 Committee for the Respect of Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia (CRLDHT), marched in the afternoon to Denfert Rochereau Embassy Tunisia in the 7th district of the capital. 
"Democracy in Tunisia", "Dissolution of the RCD (Constitutional Democratic Rally) party under Ben Ali," Purification of the government, "chanted the demonstrators mainly North African and Tunisian origin, said Mouhieddine Cherbib, founding member of CRLDHT . They marched to the call of collective solidarity with the struggles of people of Sidi Bouzid - Tunisia, named after the town south of Tunis, where the "revolution of Jasmine" began five weeks ago causing the departure Jan. 14 Ben Ali. In Lyon, there were between 800 and a thousand people, police and organizers, who marched peacefully to the Place Bellecour Tunisian Consulate through the prefecture, where a delegation has been received. "Today nothing is gained. The head of the octopus tentacles fell but still hold the country," said Abdel Aziz Chaambi the microphone, the committee against racism and Islamophobia (ICC), co-organizer of the march with the association "Friends of Bouazizi (note: the young Tunisian who gave himself in despair on December 17 at Sidi Bouziz and origin of the uprising). "We feel that it goes in the right direction but it is not clear that the forthcoming elections will be completely democratic. Beforehand, we should reestablish the Constitution, some articles could be the bed of a new authoritarianism," he Abir told AFP Krefa, 32. Also in Rhone-Alps, close to a hundred people gathered in Grenoble as a correspondent for AFP. In Toulouse, police counted about 200 people, including activists of Workers' Struggle, the NPA, the League of Human Rights (LDH) and ATTAC. "We do not recognize this government, we must form a government that brings together all trends including the RCD and the Islamists and the people will then decide during the elections," said a university teacher, Ahamed Djebali. Meeting in Nice around a platform carrying two flags, one Tunisian and one French, between 200 and 400 protesters listened to a speaker to salute the pride found in Tunisia. "This is historic, the Berlin Wall falling. They gave us back our pride," said Marwan Bouloudhnine, spokesman for the "Collectif du Jasmin. "It is necessary that the jasmine that bloomed in Tunis exhales a fragrance that fills the Maghreb and Mediterranean area," said Henni Mahamedi for its part of the collective-Bouzina Solidarity Maghreb "in Marseille. In this city, dozens of people supported a "demonstration for democracy" on Saturday in Algiers, prohibited and punished by the authorities. Several hundred people in total have also marched in Nantes, Rennes, Bourges without incident.

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