Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apple Store is over 10 billion downloads

 Since its launch in 2008, the online store of Appeals has allowed users to iPhone and iPad download over 10 billion software.
As it should be celebrated by those responsible for the firm at the apple, the ten billionth download from the Apple Store recorded occurred on January 22. Addition to the symbol, this new record confirms that the success enjoyed by Apple today in the market for handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) assures him a prominent place on the market contained therein 

 are intended. Although criticized for its operation "owner", Apple Store has been immediately adopted by the users of iPhone and iPad and software vendors. Thus, nine months after its launch the online store already had 1 billion downloads and a directory of 35 000 software. 7.5 billion downloads have been made in 2010 alone. As for the directory, it now has about 350 000 applications of which 60 000 specially developed for the iPad. Among the most downloaded applications, there is the traditional Facebook and Google as well as games such as Jump and Angry Doodle Birds.

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