Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basque stone keep his money

(Chicoutimi) The winner of the jackpot of $ 5 million to win Celebration 2007 will not a penny more to pay his ex-girlfriend who gave him the lucky ticket at the beginning of their relationship.
Basque stone had paid one million to the woman as a thank you. The money was given a price spike in one year.
Thirty-five months later and just weeks before the expiry of the limitation period, Marie-Helene Couture claimed an additional $ 1.5 million under a purported contract between the parties to share the prize equally. The winner has refuted this claim.
J. Jacques Babin of the Superior Court ruled yesterday the dispute and the winner free of any payment. He rejects the thesis of the girlfriend's testimony and support of his mother whom he gives unreliable in light of the facts. He also rejected the argument of unjust enrichment at the expense of ex-girlfriend because she has not been depleted by the outcome of the draw which helped him to whom she gave the ticket to worth $ 20.
During the trial which took place on 11 and 12 November 2010, it was determined that the couple visited the offices of Loto-Quebec in Montreal was handed a check for $ 4 million to the winner and a million women, reflecting their will.
A statement in the newspaper The Daily also mentions the same proportion in the division.
Marie-Helene explained that the apparent partition was agreed to prevent it from being besieged by financial demands, particularly on the part of one of his ex.

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