Sunday, January 23, 2011

Barack Obama will talk about jobs and growth

President Barack Obama will spend most of his speech on the state of the Union, he will deliver next Tuesday, employment and economic growth, while the unemployment rate reached 9.4% in the U.S. USA.
In a message sent to supporters Saturday, Obama said he will emphasize that deficits and debt should be treated responsibly.
It should recognize the need to reduce costs without jeopardizing the gradual recovery of the economy. It will also consider the strength of competition in the long term.
Barack Obama should use his speech next Tuesday to promote investment in innovation, while promising to reduce the national debt and to better collaborate with Republican congressmen.
While it is mid-term, Barack Obama said the U.S. economy rests on more solid footing than when he came to power. It grows slowly, while the equity markets get better and that corporate profits rose.
Barack Obama did not give details on the proposals set out in his speech. However, some clues emerge from her public speaking in recent weeks.
For example, Barack Obama had said last month when he was visiting North Carolina, only to make his country more competitive, the government should invest in training of the workforce while promoting the innovation and research.
Saturday, during his weekly radio address, Bush said that free trade proved a good solution to increase the exports of his country.
Normally, the White House will file its annual budget the week of Feb. 13. Republicans, who are now a majority in the House of Representatives, demanding reductions in government spending of 100 billion dollars.

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