Monday, January 24, 2011

The Chevrolet Camaro takes up this spring

Production of the new Camaro convertible 2011 Chevrolet began in January in Oshawa, Ontario. You can buy the car in February at a starting price of $ 33,995. The vehicle comes in a choice of 9 exterior colors, while the hood comes in black or tan.
Although the structure of the convertible Camaro is similar to that of a coupe, the manufacturer still has strengthened the body structure.
"Our goal at the development stage, was that the quality of ride, handling and performance are convertible as possible to match those of the coupe," said Mr. Al Oppenheiser, engineer Leader of the Camaro. "To compensate for the reduced structure of an open car, engineers often opt for a softer suspension, turning the gig into urban road," said Oppenheiser. "Instead, we chose the harder road, but more desirable to strengthen the structure instead of softening the suspension. The struts, bearings or spring constant of the springs are identical to those of the Camaro coupe. "
The convertible retains virtually all the capabilities of acceleration, handling and performance Camaro Coupe. Chevrolet says that the structural modifications to the bodywork of the Camaro convertible confer greater rigidity in bending and torsion or better torsional rigidity than the BMW 3 Series Convertible.
Designers and engineers have sought to remove the ribs supporting the hood of the cab. The result is a smooth coat, tight and a flawless finish that mimics the fluid roofline of the coupe.
The hood folds Power lowers in about 20 seconds. It folds into a simple description of "Z" and locks with a single handle at the center of the top rail of the windscreen. Just turn the latch in the open position and push a button to the ice and lowered the hood is put in motion. It is not necessary that the car is parked for actuating the mechanism. So you can lower the hood, for example, while you're stopped at a red light. The canopy, made of heavy canvas and durable, has a headliner in acoustic material which ensures a quiet ride similar to the coupe when it is in place. A glass rear window defogger and a finishing touch.
A one-piece folding tonneau cover is standard in 2LT and 2SS versions and optional on the 1LT and 1SS versions. It conceals the hood folded to provide a neat appearance. In addition, the manufacturer offers an optional air deflector that sits behind the front seats and limit air turbulence when the top is lowered.
A new speaker subwoofer - 8 "with the basic audio system or 10-inch system with Boston Acoustics, option - is housed between the rear seats. Rear parking radar is standard on all versions of the Cabriolet.
A 3.6-liter V6 engine with direct injection team Convertible Camaro LT and offers increased power without consuming more fuel while being cleaner. In addition, it emits 25% less hydrocarbons during cold starts. It deploys a power of 312 hp and a torque of 278 lb-ft. This engine offers fuel consumption of 6.9 L/100 km on the highway.
The manufacturer offers two engines with 6.2L V8 Camaro SS L99 paired with the automatic transmission and LS3 coupled to the manual transmission. The 2 engines are derived from the LS3 which inspired the 2008 Corvette. The L99 engine is rated at 400 hp and a torque of 410 lb-ft. The LS3 is rated at 426 hp and a torque of 420 lb-ft.
Chevrolet has the L99 motor system energy-saving Active Fuel Management. This system saves fuel by deactivating half the engine cylinders under certain driving conditions at low load, as when cruising on the highway.
A 6-speed manual transmission is standard on the Camaro and an automatic transmission, also 6-speed is optional.

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