Monday, January 24, 2011

A girl and a beast in digital

Birds of a feather flock together ... or is it rather the opposites attract? Beyond appearances, are we really so different? Are we angels, demons, or just strangers who are lost in the mist? The theme of immortal love each other, Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon we offer a modernized version of the tale of Beauty and the Beast, where real and virtual hug to better reject; room effectively, if n is somewhat ambiguous, which is adept at revisiting this classic story.
Six years after their last collaboration, the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and the duo of multimedia art 4 of the covered call with this piece featuring Benedicte Decary, Andree Lachapelle and François Papineau. On stage, the three actors, certainly, but also many projections, it should be static - on billboards, on the floor, ceiling, or even outside the performance space itself, on the walls and walls the theater itself - or dynamic, in the form of holograms that are in turn secondary characters or objects of decoration. Is this Beauty and the Beast, Version 2.0? Perhaps, or rather, perhaps, but it is also the eternal dilemma between beauty and ugliness, a conflict that often hides strangely troubled souls so similar ...
What is the strength of Beauty and the Beast, vintage 2010, is really the interaction between the characters and projections, avoiding the need to constantly change the scenery, the play becomes more fluid in size, into opportunities. Farewell to the limits imposed by the scene, it is now possible to invest the world of the unreal and thus have a lot more room exploded, able, therefore, to carry us further than conventional designs.
The piece strolling player, however, somewhat along the way, despite the remarkable performance of the actors. After all, there will be nice to add all the convolutions necessary, unless you change the ending, the viewer knows exactly what to expect. Ah, love ... even if he overcomes the boundaries purely physical, he will always be a phenomenon difficult to understand.
Beauty and the Beast, played at the Theatre du Nouveau Monde until February 12

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