Monday, January 24, 2011

Downloadable content for Duke Nukem Forever?

Just release date revealed, is already wondering if Eurogamer, by chance, there would be no downloadable content for Duke Nukem Forever.After a long sleep of 14 years, Gearbox Software supports the "resurrection"of the Duke Nukem series with seriousness, but be ready to produce downloadable content? This was the site Eurogamer asked to Randy Pitchford, CEO of the studio.
"We have not announced yet, " said Randy Pitchford, explaining that the studio is focusing on "making the impossible possible: to commercialize Duke Nukem Forever. " However, Pitchford showed a ray of hope on the possibility of downloadable content can be created for our beloved Duke.


"As we prepare for everything and that we approach the launch date, our attention can be directed towards the future. The Gearbox team and I will then discuss with the fans on this topic on our forum" Randy Pitchford says.

The existence of downloadable content will depend entirely on the fans and future fans of the series, and the critical reception of the game

Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled for May 6, 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

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