Monday, January 24, 2011

When Quebec rubbed off on Canada

Yesterday, I wrote that more and more Canadians are questioning the dogma of multiculturalism.
They adopt a more critical perspective to face unreasonable accommodation. As if the position Quebec rubbed off more on the rest of the country ...
One need only read the English newspapers to realize.
Oh sure, the cohort of professional commentators still believe that multiculturalism is the greatest invention in the history of mankind since the bow-tie and eight-track tapes.
But the public, it no longer follows. English Canadians 'ordinary' facing more and more questions about the effectiveness of multiculturalism to Trudeau.
Evidence that there, as here, the gap continues to widen between the elite and the people.

The political scientist Christian Dufour sent me an interesting email on the subject.
The Globe and Mail says it has published a text on the refusal of the kirpan in the National Assembly. It stated inter alia that Michael Ignatieff (whose party has always relied on the support of the Sikh community) strongly defended the right of Sikhs to wear their "knife not a knife" in Parliament.
At the time of writing, the text of the Globe had generated over 2400 comments!
"I watched the first ten pages and I have not found a single comment supporting the position of Igniatieff", wrote Christian Dufour.

Among the many reviews published by the Globe, there was this one:
"Quebeckers are no longer alone in being fed up to accommodate all sorts of cultural practices (...). The rest of the country is also tired. The only difference is that Quebecers have not sacrificed their balls at the altar of political correctness.
"Hats off to the National Assembly. The security officials took the right decision by banning entry to anyone carrying a weapon can be deadly. "
"The Bloc is expected to field candidates across the country to save us from ourselves! Sorry, Iggy (ie: Igniatieff), but on this point, you are completely disconnected. Canadians are tired of unreasonable accommodation. "
Instead of eyeing the post of PQ leader Gilles Duceppe would rather ogle the Prime Minister of Canada!

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