Thursday, January 27, 2011

The federal Liberals challenge the Conservatives

After the Bloc Quebecois is the turn of the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff of Canada urge the Conservative government to confirm its financial participation in the proposed amphitheater. Asked about the project, Michael Ignatieff argues that he would support federal funding in the amphitheater, provided that the project does not come at the expense of other Canadian cities need new infrastructure.
Michael Ignatieff, however, requires a financial precise and well costed. He believes now that the proposal to Quebecor lack of seriousness. "I would welcome a discussion, but with a well-encrypted. Péladeau said: "We will spend millions." I do not mind, but nothing I can do as a responsible legislator with empty promises of a millionaire. This is not serious, "said Mr. Ignatieff.
The office of Michael Ignatieff, however, said the Liberal leader had made a slip using the terms "empty promises" instead of "vague promises".
With his statement, the Liberal leader, who wanted to put pressure on the Harper government to invest in the amphitheater, has nevertheless caused a reaction from the federal minister responsible for the Quebec City region, Josée Verner. "There, on the one hand, it was Ignatieff and the Liberals who speak of empty promises and yesterday it was Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc who made promises in vain," commented Mrs. Verner.
Despite the pressure of recent days, the Minister Josee Verner insists the ball is not in the camp of his government. "I have no financial arrangement or project which details specifically the part of everyone. "
The record of the amphitheater is more sensitive than ever. Rumors of potential investors come and go, without confirmation. Quebecor and Labatt for their part expressed their interest in participating in the project.

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