Thursday, January 27, 2011

Next federal budget - Requirements Bloc

QUEBEC - The Bloc Quebecois will vote against it prevents the next federal budget if it is not there at least $ 5 billion for Quebec. On the sidelines of a caucus of the Bloc in Quebec, the leader Gilles Duceppe has presented all the expectations of his party in regard to the budget that the federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to drop late February or early March.
Recalling that Ontario was heavily supported financially during the past two years, he argued that "it's now the turn of Quebec" and recalled that "there is between Ottawa and Quebec disputes that remain unresolved and amounting in total to 5 BILLION dollars. "
According to the Bloc leader, the next budget will be a test. "If the Harper government refuses to do justice to Quebec, the Bloc will vote against," he warned. If this should lead us to the federal election, we will face. The Bloc will stand. "
Mr. Duceppe reiterated that payment of compensation for some 2.2 billion dollars for the harmonization of the Québec sales tax (QST) to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was a sine qua not support the Bloc Quebecois. But this is not the only essential element.
The Bloc leader said the "tampering" of Flaherty in the equalization program should stop, because "arbitrary and unilateral changes to help Ontario are losing 1.5 billion dollars in Quebec, assesses Does it.
In addition to this enhancement, "the payment of a stabilization payment of $ 137 million for loss of income is imperative," he argued, noting that the Federal Court ruled in favor of Quebec in this matter.
Also, Gilles Duceppe said that federal transfers for education funding and social programs in Quebec are still lower than 800 million dollars that they were in 1994, a situation that the Conservative government must, in his , corrected immediately.
Finally, the Bloc Quebecois recalls that Ottawa has not paid a bill for $ 421 million following the ice storm that struck the Montérégie in 1998. "It's always two weights, two measures in Ottawa when it comes to Quebec," he said.
For its part, the spokesman for the Bloc in finance and MP for Hochelaga, Daniel Paille, detailed a long list of budget demands of his party and whose total reached 16 billion dollars. Mr. Paille believes can generate $ 16 billion by increasing by 2% tax on income of taxpayers earning between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000 and 3% that of those earning more than $ 250 000, while reducing some federal spending.
For example, "the government must eliminate access to tax havens, to withdraw from Afghanistan, stop helping the rich oil, acts of actual against tobacco smuggling and reduce bureaucratic spending," he describes .

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