Thursday, January 27, 2011

The nightmare of bedbugs

Major urban centers in North America are currently facing a serious problem of bedbugs and Montreal is no exception. The National Institute of Public Health describes the same situation an epidemic. For now, the Plateau Mont-Royal is working on a settlement that would help eradicate the problem.
There are about three months, the city councilor and former pest control technician Carl Boileau was appointed by the mayor of the Plateau Mont-Royal to pilot a project aimed at curbing the proliferation of bedbugs in the area. "I am inspired by what Mayor Jean Drapeau had done to counter the problem of cockroaches: the accountability of all stakeholders, tenants to owners through the City," says Boileau. The tenant is in the forefront to reveal the presence of the parasite. But he is often afraid of being evicted or having a bad image. "
The pilot of the Plateau could require the tenant to reveal the presence of bugs to the owner. According to the adviser, few know that the owners are legally responsible for providing housing free of parasites. "As long as the owner is notified, is its legal responsibility to take all means available to him to appeal to specialists. And the homeowner pays. But this regulation is unknown, "said Carl Boileau.
The war on mattress
The old mattresses and bedroom furniture that people pick on the sidewalk could also be a settlement. "These objects are important vectors of bed bugs. On 1 July, will give a big blow to get rid of as quickly as possible. We will also enable component communication and awareness to the problem, "says Mr. Boileau, who also plans to make the rounds of thrift stores. "It's simple to put a notice on each piece, suggesting to people to clean their clothes after purchase. We want to do many things. Which will be feasible for the district? This is what our legal services are studying, "he adds. What drives politicians to act quickly is because these little critters stormed the institutional blocks. "Our draft resolution is also an excuse to highlight a larger problem: bedbugs are made in the CLSC, hospitals and even ambulances," warns Carl Boileau. Another major problem as the advisor: the case of bedbugs are so many that some people "invent" exterminator. "It brings a public health problem because some of them use illegal products," he says. @ A: To remedy the problem, the new regulations may require exterminators to send a report to the inspectorate of the City after each intervention. "In this way, we could have an overview of the territory, know where the bugs, understand the origin of infestations, supervise the work of the exterminators and make sure they have a serial number, argues Mr. Boileau . Right now, there is a black market of non-regulatory ". "Many people do not rely on skilled exterminators take care of the problem themselves by using insecticides or dangerous goods houses. There is concern that it causes health problems ", for its part, Dr. Stéphane Perron, a specialist in Community Medicine. According to the latter, the presence of bed bugs can also affect sleep quality and cause problems with anxiety or depression.

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