Monday, January 24, 2011

Gbagbo loses weight support

The Heads of States of WAEMU countries have clearly taken sides in favor of Alassane Ouattara. The forced departure of President of the BCEAO is proof, says Observer Paalga. The lanterns were extinguished on the fifteenth summit of Heads of State Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA), which met in Bamako (Jan. 21). Rarely, a meeting of African leaders has been awaited with much excitement, as we suspected that the decisions that would result would be of more importance than capital in the process of ending the Ivorian crisis, which affects, for a very long time , the entire sub-region. The summit decided to confirm Alassane Ouattara, President Elect and recognized by almost all of the international community, following the election on November 28 as "the sole owner of the signing of Ivory Coast" . This decision is well worth its weight in gold, for now, but losing the non-runner, Laurent Gbagbo, will review the copy of any financial strategy, even in politics, money is the sinews of war, n is saying something.
Gbagbo also suspected that the summit of his peers was going to sound a death knell to financial him in evidence, when it had not received any official invitation to the invitation, he had the intention to send one of his followers among the faithful, Laurent Dona Fologo. Finally, neither Gbagbo nor any of his family was neither. Moreover, it is the Prime Minister of the elected president, Guillaume Soro, who represented the Coast d'Ivoire. Some people already saw the beginnings of a victory clan Ado. They will not mistake it for many, as the now former Governor of the Bank Ivorian Central African States (BCEAO), Philippe Henry Dakoury Tabley, will be politely pushed out of the bank under -Regional: mortal sin has been to have overstepped the ukase of Finance Ministers of the UEMOA adopted December 23, 2010, which gave exclusively to ADO all powers to manage the affairs related to the institution UEMOA.
Linked to Gbagbo by unwavering friendship, the man had used his powers to help his friend to somewhat get rid of the financial strangulation which threatened to suffocate, there are only a few weeks when there was the difficult equation wage payment in late December. It speaks of a disbursement from 60 to 100 billion CFA francs. Such a sum she only served to staff salaries, or should he find another mysterious destination? We know that since the first moments where we have the specter of military intervention by ECOWAS in Côte d'Ivoire, Gbagbo hands and feet to complete his weapons. And now we know what role Promethean Dakoury-Tabley has played in this case. Like the mythical hero, he will, too, received a punishment commensurate with his achievement. It must however acknowledge the elegance of his departure: a man who heads an institution that states fully recognize the legitimacy of the political enemy of his own mentor, it would nice to continue to help Gbagbo that the thing would hardly be feasible; more than he Dakoury-Tabley, just to see the blackboard file sanctions of the European Union with immediate consequences for the freezing of personal assets and ban travel there.
We do not see how he could have continued to work quietly in the institution BCEAO. Unable to comply, he chose to resign, and his intiative somewhere honors. As the body grows the decision UEMOA, it reflects the decision more than ever displayed the heads of state not to loosen the noose around Laurent Gbagbo. She bracket with prevarication and procrastination of ECOWAS and the African Union, admittedly, fallen into a trap hung with intricate hand master strategist Laurent Gbagbo.
But from what real impact will such measures, including the standoff, which pits two protagonists in the Ivorian presidential and, more broadly, on the overall functioning of the Economic Union of West Africa. And this, especially since, from Abidjan, Gbagbo and his clan reject any wind at all: Predictably, major decisions taken by Heads of States in Bamako are simply judged by them "illegal" . What do they plan to emerge from the attempt to choke? He whispers in recent weeks that "Gbagbo tickets" have circulated in Abidjan. Where are we to date? It will probably wait and see, but already, the man who finished administering the evidence he has more tricks up his sleeve, we already know he will not stand hands folded, impassive assistant to his death planned economic and financial.
Rabbit out what he's magic hat? And, in terms of economic burden Côte d'Ivoire in the UEMOA area, what will be its capacity to harm new find? These are all questions that are concerns for the economic and monetary zone of West Africa, which, really, realizes, as and as time passes, that somewhere, its own destiny is bound to resolve the crisis shaking for a long time, Côte d'Ivoire, but unfortunately we do not perceive the slightest glimmer of thinning.

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