Monday, January 24, 2011

It's cold in Quebec

MONTREAL - For the third consecutive day, Quebec was in the cold on Monday to such an extent that Hydro-Quebec has asked its customers to reduce their energy consumption.
The crown corporation provided a consumption of 38 000 megawatts in Quebec for the day Monday, which would be a record. Normal consumption for a winter day is 31 000 megawatts.
Therefore, Hydro-Quebec asked the public to reduce electricity consumption in the two peak periods of the day, between 6 am and 9 pm, and between 16 pm and 20 pm The unnecessary lighting is discouraged, and we also asked people to use their energy-consuming appliances such as washers or dryers, outside of peak periods.
Hydro-Quebec could be forced to import energy from the United States.
It was -27 degrees Celsius in Montreal early in the morning, and Environment Canada issued a smog warning for the area. Several regions, including Quebec, Mauricie and Abitibi have received warnings of wind chill. Moreover, in the provincial capital, temperatures reached -43 degrees Celsius in the light wind.
Time, however, should soften from Tuesday in most regions of Quebec.
Advice to motorists
Cedric Essiminy, spokesperson for CAA-Quebec is advising motorists not to force their starters and unnecessary to refer to the manufacturer's manual to get instructions on how to start in cold weather.
He also advises to close all electrical systems before starting the vehicle, so as to avoid unnecessary load on the battery.
CAA-Quebec had already received many calls for help desk on Tuesday morning. "We have already received about 500 calls, said Essiminy. Under normal circumstances, at this time (6 h 30), it has fifty. It makes a little tone. We will have a big day at CAA. "

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