Thursday, January 27, 2011

Google joins the Israeli memorial Yad Vashem, the Holocaust

The search engine Google launched Wednesday with the Israeli museum Yad Vashem Holocaust of a large project to facilitate public access to documents and photographs from the Nazi era. The project was unveiled on the eve of World Day of Remembrance in memory of six million Jewish Holocaust victims.
So that nothing is forgotten, those who search by entering the name of a victim on Google will be invited to add information they have on that person, for example by identifying photographs, told Reuters Yossi Matias, director of research and development for Google Israel. 130,000 indexed documents
To launch the project, Google has indexed some 130,000 photographs and documents from visas to transport lists through the testimonies of survivors. Thousands of other documents can be recorded at a later stage.
Many of these documents have long been available to the Yad Vashem museum, founded in the early 1950s, and some of them are also available at the museum, but for the general public, access was limited.
Google's technology should facilitate research on the fate of missing relatives and helping to fill blanks in the archives.

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