Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vibe now available in stores

The tablet Ciara Vibe, also known as ExoPC, is now sold in stores. The Vibe was already sold on the web via the website of the company, but is now aimed at a wider audience by moving to electronic stores Dumoulin.
"We are proud to make available this revolutionary product and to radiate businesses here. This tablet is unique and we believe it will profoundly change the way users navigate, work and play, "said Hughes in a statement Leger, vice president for Group Dumoulin.
The interface of the tablet was designed by a Rimouski, who managed to enter the operating system Microsoft Windows 7, in the small device.
The ExoPC was talking over the last year and its designers present it as a rival to Apple iPad. In January, she was introduced to the great fair of electronics in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show.
Ciara's Vibe is a little larger than the iPad and contrary to the popular Californian shelf, it allows you to view Flash content, is equipped with USB ports and a camera.
The Vibe is sold in 32 GB $ 649 64 GB model is to find a buyer $ 749.

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