Thursday, January 27, 2011

Levis: $ 5.8 million for public transit

(Québec) Levis gets his hands on $ 5.8 million for the development of public transit on its territory. A first improvement of the service is expected as early as June, while lanes for buses should appear on a boulevard de la Rive-Sud completely reconfigured within five years. The second invoice amount: $ 260 million to find.
The settlement of a dispute between 20-year-old Levis and the Department of Transportation has made many happy Wednesday. Lévis Mayor Danielle Roy-Marinelli, spoke of a "dream come true" and "turning point in our history." MPP Gilles Lehouillier him, preferred the word "revolution."
Transport Minister Sam Hamad, confirmed Wednesday that his government paid $ 3 million to the Societe de transport de Lévis (STLévis) to cover the operating budget for 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Revenue Sharing
Lévis does not recover all of the $ 30 paid by its citizens when renewing their license plates, but approaches it, which is sufficient to Mayor Roy-Marinelli. Because the new formula for revenue sharing fund for the contributions of motorists to public transit will continue to apply in subsequent years.
Additional money could also be released in the context of future policy on the transportation of the Quebec government expected in 2012.
Hamad also took the occasion to announce a grant of $ 1.45 million that will make the feasibility study of the general rehabilitation of the boulevard de la Rive-Sud and its extension to the west, Bridge or Highway 116. The links between north and south of the St. Lawrence River will also be given special attention.
Finally, Québec grants $ 1.36 million for the implementation of the Opus card system, which costs double, during the year.
This system of coin-sign the death warrant of monthly passes cardboard. In addition to facilitating the payment, it provides an accurate history of the movement of users.

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