Thursday, January 27, 2011

The mystery of the piano failed amid the waves

The instrument is strangely appeared in early January on a sandbar off the coast of Miami. Without official explanation, rumors and conjecture about its origins is rife.
A scene worthy of the film The Piano. A grand piano is mysteriously appeared in early January on a sandbar in the middle of the sea off Miami, Florida. The instrument, valued at $ 4000 and badly damaged, is not ready to be played. It stands on its four feet on a small sandbar in Biscayne Bay and became a popular perch for birds. His arrival in the waves baffles authorities. "We do not know who could make this piano. It's amazing that this evil person has made to carry the 300 pounds so far. I think it's a joke. And its maker is trying to get exactly what he wants: the notoriety, "said the spokesman of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (FWC) Florida. Suspected, the new conservatory, which just opened in Miami Beach, has denied any involvement.
In the absence of official explanation, speculation is rife. Especially on the Internet where the story spread like wildfire on the news sites. Is it opposite, as suggested by the FWC, a stunt? Is it the work of a musician depressed? Is this a revenge love? Unless the piano is a vestige of a forgotten fashion photo shoot or filming a music video? This last hypothesis is favored by the Miami Herald. The newspaper was the first to write about this piano abandoned.
The authorities do not intend to remove the piano
Indeed, says the Miami Herald, the existence of the instrument was revealed to the world by National Geographic. The magazine included a picture of the piano as a slide show of January 24. The caption of this photo, taken by an amateur photographer named Suzanne Beard, says "Pelicans taking control of a piano after shooting a video clip. Found by the Miami New Times, Suzanne Beard knows little else. They are neighbors who alerted on January 3 the presence of the piano. They tell him they saw someone drop the instrument and a "sublime woman aboard a boat and helicopters hovered in the sky like a shooting." If a clip was actually filmed in the bay, nobody cared anyway to seek the approval of authorities.
While waiting to find the solution to this conundrum, the Miami Herald offered its readers a caption competition on the photo. For its part, the Miami New Times lists the most fantastic explanations and humorous: "The Little Mermaid was not a fairy tale, lobster and crab lovers Bay hoisted the piano on the sand (a referring to the animated Disney's The Little Mermaid, ed) "or" After birds and dead fish in Arkansas, God innovates to draw our attention to the end of the world. " The curious, many to navigate around the sandbar, can take their time. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries does not remove the piano, unless it becomes a threat to navigation. "The salt would naturally eat away the instrument," says one.

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