Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The multinational is interested in the AEG section shows the amphitheater

(Quebec) A giant world of sports and entertainment company AEG, shows an interest in managing the entertainment component of a new arena in Quebec City.
Two sources have confirmed to the Sun than the multinational, which manages more than 90 arenas around the world, has shown interest in the Quebec market. The company Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), owner of the Los Angeles Kings and their Staples Center, has taken steps to obtain some information on the new coliseum, officials said.
Impossible to know whether discussions were held with the representative of the City of Quebec to negotiate with the private sector, Yvon Charest, Industrial Alliance. However, Mario Bédard, group I have my place confirmed having relayed "to the people concerned" the interest of AEG.
During their visit to Los Angeles in December to visit the facilities of the Staples Center, the directors of my place I have found that the movement toward Quebec aroused more than curiosity.
"Yes, there is interest," said Bedard Monday. They manage or have built about 90 arenas. Their goal is to fill these arenas shows, and they are producing shows. I saw they had an interest in the city of Quebec. "
The company is considered one of the two largest industry players in North America, with Live Nation. These firms "sign" of internationally renowned artists, then "sell" their shows to local producers, or produce them themselves.
A possible involvement of AEG is not inconsistent with the vision of owner Quebecor, Pierre Karl Peladeau, said Mario Bedard. "If Mr. Péladeau obtained the management of the amphitheater, it might be stuck to a group like AEG to go through the big shows here," he says.
"Global Offer" Quebecor
Today, Quebecor is the only company to have made a "comprehensive offer" for the management of hockey and entertainment components of the amphitheater. Péladeau said he put "tens of millions of dollars on the table."
Sunday, the CEO of Quebecor hinted that he intended to keep the show management to a new building on land ExpoCité. "Obviously, all this is a brand," he said. [...] I think I have all the tools within the organization to make it a success, and we will work in that direction. "
There is no doubt in the eyes of Mario Bedard that Quebecor is able to produce shows. "What he wants is an association with 'donor show'," he says.
Monday, it was not possible to confirm the interest evenko, the Molson family, which produces the shows at the Bell Centre to also produce a new coliseum.
The multinational AEG owns or manages sports complexes in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Qatar, Germany, London and China in particular.

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