Monday, January 24, 2011

The political impasse enrages Belgians

In Brussels, the "march of shame" brought together more than 30,000 demonstrators.
The Belgian political class may be worried. In an unprecedented gesture of defiance, more than 30 000 inhabitants of Brussels, Flemish and Walloon Sunday launched a march to "shame" to expose the irresponsibility of all party leaders, the 224th day of a political impasse that leaves Belgium Prime Minister without direction or confirmed.
"We want a government! It is democracy that is wrong when parties go fishing for votes and then let fall the voter and the country in mid-stream, "Laurence loose Guiot, Walloon Waterloo show came with her children more than seven months after he slipped his ballot in the ballot box. "The politicians and the media are struggling to live in a universe that has nothing to do with ours," adds the Fleming Floris Willems, Ghent arrived family.
Internet as a catalyst
The feeling of abandonment and even betrayal was the common thread of good-natured procession that stretched for three hours from the Gare du Nord to the Parc du Cinquantenaire. It marks a break with the alleged apathy to the Belgians of all persuasions and the first warning shot sent the political class since the vain elections June 13
It is also a real success for mobilization launched without a camera or union supporter. Politicians and their slogans have been sidelined, despite declarations of sympathy interested fallen staffs. In Belgium, as elsewhere, when the parties are lacking is the Internet which serves as a catalyst and conduit. Monarchist supporters of sexual liberation, the parade has addressed all the sensitivities. The colors of Belgium were far from dominant, unlike the gathering black-yellow-red 2007. English, faute de mieux, is needed on the banners. Everywhere, "ras-le-bol" is the rallying cry. "It remains to find a common rule of life to the Flemish and French, said Cedric Vloemans Brussels. But the top priority is the economy. A country does not manage a firm in acting. Europe and Germany not wait for us. "
In the political class, the French appear attached to the kingdom and the Flemings are the wide, an impression confirmed by the triumph of independence Antwerp Bart De Wever spring. But in reverse bias, it is civil society that gave the Flemish boost the parade on Sunday. Five students of the VUB, Dutch-speaking university in the capital, launched the first petition. The case took off Friday night at the theater KVS Brussels, Dutch Mecca, in a show exposing the temptation of a "narrow nationalism".
In the cast of party leaders unable to build bridges between the two camps, it is the intransigent Bart De Wever who should feel concerned. Master the game in the spring, he was today accused of having sabotaged all compromises. The Flemish, in contrast to their parties, commence to hold accountable.

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