Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A season of 35 to 40 wins for Price?

(Philadelphia) The challenge is: if he can stand up to the best team in the NHL and his teammates score a few goals at the other end of the ice, Carey Price will reach the plateau of 25 wins tonight then that Canadian visits to the powerful Philadelphia Flyers.
It would be a career-high for the 23-year old goalkeeper who is back among the best goalies in the NHL, confirmed his place in the All-Star Game played at the end of next week in Carolina.
With 32 games still to play after the All-Star Game break, with the success and luck, Price will reach the plateau of 35 wins in the regular season. He could flirt with the 40 earnings.
Far from looking so far ahead, Price simply put all the odds in your favor whenever Jacques Martin gives him a mandate to win the Canadian.
"I'll limit myself to say I hope that my next career high is the highest possible," Price responded cautiously when asked if he believed in his chances to reach 35 or even 40 wins .
This method serves well Carey Price this season. Limited to 13 wins last year, Price has already driven many ghosts that had haunted the last winter.
The rise of the third period of his teammates who helped win one point Saturday against the Ducks, allowed Price to chase another ghost and enjoy a rematch against the team that ended his season early last year.
Despite a miserable season last year, Price hoped to bounce back after the break for the Olympics.
Despite the success of Jaroslav Halak earlier in the regular season and his miracles in front of the cage of his native Slovakia in Vancouver is not Halak and Price who played the first game after the Olympic break. A meeting that Price has won 4-1 Boston Bruins.
A catactrophe
With this victory, Price got the start after. He lost 3-2 at San Jose. And even if Halak has hailed his comeback with a 4-2 win in Los Angeles, is still to Price that Jacques Martin has turned the day in Anaheim.
It was a disaster. Suffered three goals in 11 shots, Price remained on the bench early in the second period. Before Halak, the Canadiens managed a rise that has crowned with a 4-3 victory in a shootout.
In the aftermath of this victory Halak and cons of another performance-Price, the team management took the decision to make: give the net to Slovak.
Price was then merely two starts in the last 15 games of the season. He lost 3-2 in a shootout in Buffalo, Carolina and 2-1 against Montreal. You done with its statistical series in which he was limited to an observer role. Or almost.
Price smiled when asked if he remembered the game last year in Anaheim, and had he approached Saturday's game with the intention of settling scores with the Ducks.
"I vividly remember that game in Anaheim. And it is obvious that this idea was a bit running through his head. But I'm not a superstitious guy. I'm not one to bother me with trifles. It would be an exaggeration to talk of revenge in the case of tonight's game (against Philadelphia). I prefer that all games are important. Starting with the next, "pleaded the keeper.

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