Monday, January 24, 2011

Shale gas: the Charest government softened

Recently, following the discovery of leaks in some shale gas wells, the Charest government has rebuffed himself. Thus, it seems that may have to consider the option of a moratorium on the exploitation of shale gas.
Recently, following the discovery of leaks in some wells, the Quebec government has snubbed him and decided he was now considering the option of a moratorium on the exploitation of shale gas. After months of popular discontent, after months of obstinacy, Charest has finally decided to soften its position.
Although for now, the Charest government awaits the report of the BAPE, QS, including Amir Khadir is the only member representing the party in the National Assembly, asked the Government to take action by imposing the moratorium and wants population. Amir Khadir was reminded that the member who sponsored the petition demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Jean Charest, referring to the deaf ear of the Prime Minister, particularly in the case of shale gas.
"It seems obvious that the gas industry did not play fair play and did not present all the facts in this case, considers Françoise David, president of Québec solidaire. The government must do more than change its stance: it must suspend exploration activities underway in decreeing a moratorium. "
With these words the voice of Quebec Solidarity spoke in the wake of statements by the Environment Minister and the Prime Minister made outside the caucus PLQ. On this occasion, the Charest government has softened its position and then not close the door to a moratorium.
Although the Charest said that the leaks discovered recently are the reason for his change of tone, Françoise David rather attributes this to the citizen mobilization. For its part, the environment minister, Pierre Arcand says that "the industry will have to behave properly, they have techniques that are valid, otherwise there will be no gas shale in Quebec. Recall that leaks have been detected at 19 of the 31 wells inspected.
Nevertheless, Arcand does not always talk of a moratorium. Obviously, it does not position itself before February 28, 2011, date to be filed the report containing the recommendations of the Bureau of Public Hearing on the environment (BAPE). So it's a case to follow.

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