Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you Jennifer!

Jennifer Heil is on his last lap after a successful career on the World Cup that began in 1999. Heil is leaving the circus with the label of best moguls skier in history.
With 54 podium finishes (25 wins) in the World Cup over nine seasons are there to testify. Add to that two titles of world champion in a duel and two silver medals in singles, Olympic champion in 2006, vice-champion in 2010 and five crystal globes.
This decision of Jennifer's no surprise given his long career and especially her coach and husband, Dominick Gauthier, announced he was in his final year as coach.
Jennifer will finish the season and next week it will try to get their hands on the only title missing from his list, world champion in singles. On the difficult journey from Deer Valley, Jennifer has a good chance of success. Now it has released the news of her retirement, she can focus on his last lap. And it starts this weekend in Calgary for a World Cup before his supporters in Alberta.

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A native of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Jennifer moved to Quebec in love and quickly imbued with the culture of Quebec. She quickly learned French and she has never refused to do an interview in French. Each time she made a point to talk to the French media in the language of Molière.
I still remember the Turin Games in 2006. I was in the interview area at the bottom of the track. Jennifer had just won gold. After several interviews, she approached me with a smile to melt in the mountains and is filled with a French emotions she commented on his victory. I even had a nice hug, reprehensible for the brotherhood of objectivity.
The success of Jennifer have also helped develop the program B2DIX which supports several Canadian athletes in all winter sports and summer. A legacy of the most striking.
The sport of freestyle skiing will therefore lose a great ambassador and an exceptional athlete. Jennifer Heil has traced the path of excellence for the next generation, including the sisters Justine, Chloé and Maxime Dufour-Lapointe. Jennifer Heil has been for female athletes that Jean-Luc Brassard was represented for the young mogul skiers.
Personally, I see from one of the greatest athletes both athletically and human than I had the chance to meet since the beginning of my career as a journalist.
For all these years, thank you Jennifer!

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