Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Egypt. Mubarak's son he left the country? [Hour by hour]

After yesterday's demonstrations that left at least four deaths, three in Suez and Cairo, Egypt could be stirred again today with new rallies. A call to protest was launched this morning, closely followed by the announcement of an official ban on assembly. For its part, the European Union also sent a signal to the Mubarak government requesting it to hear the aspirations of the Egyptian population.
See also: > Two protesters and a policeman were killed yesterday during a demonstration
14: Mubarak's son he left Egypt? On Wednesday morning, several British newspapers including The Guardian, announced that the son of President Hosni Mubarak, Gamal named, had left the country with his wife to seek refuge in London. They were based on reports disseminated by the site Akhbar al-Arab, written in Arabic. An announcement denied by the Egyptian consulate in Britain, reports the Guardian, which also indicates that the British Home Office declined to comment.
13 pm The government always tries to gag Internet After the social network Twitter is a site of online video in real time, appointed Bambuser, which has been blocked in Egypt shortly after the outbreak of large protests demanding the departure of President Hosni Mubarak. Watch the latest videos posted before closing. Some witnesses have also reported problems of access to YouTube and Facebook.
12 am: The European Union evokes a "signal" sent to the Egyptian government Demonstrations in Egypt reflect the aspirations of the people in favor of "political change" and are a "signal" after the events in Tunisia, said the spokesman of the head of European diplomacy in a statement sent to AFP today.
11 am: A fourth victim in Suez The events of yesterday have been a fourth victim, officials said this morning. A 45 year old man was wounded Tuesday in the stomach by rubber bullets during demonstrations that took place at Suez, has died of his injuries. Now bringing to four the number of casualties after Tuesday's events. Three protesters were killed in Suez and a policeman died in Cairo.
10 am: Official Event prohibited and Twitter accounts Blocked The Interior Minister said this morning that any new event was officially banned in Egypt today after yesterday's rallies that drew thousands of people. Access is blocked to Twitter for the Egyptians since Tuesday 16 pm, according to the website However, the appeal manifest today launched the Movement of April 6 has been posted on the facebook social network.
9 am: A new call for protests A new call is initiated to demonstrate the day today while the events of yesterday killed at least three dead, two demonstrators and a policeman. On its part, France has indicated this morning by the voice of Michèle Alliot-Marie, she lamented the dead yesterday in Egypt, without commenting on the substance of these gatherings. "It's not for France to make interference" but "our principles are principles of respect for the rule of law, non-intervention but also appeal that there has always more democracy and freedom in every state, "added the minister.

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