Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tunisia: U.S. ready to help to organize free elections

WORLD - A Tunisian government reshuffle is imminent ...
LATEST NEWS - 15h08: The United States is prepared to help Tunisia to organize free elections.
The United States declared their readiness on Wednesday to attend Tunisia in preparation for its first free elections. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Jeff Feltman told a press conference he met activists of civil society, opposition leaders and members of government, while events continue to demand the departure of ministers linked to the regime of ousted President Zine Ben Ali.
Jeff Feltman has ensured that the United States was not involved in the departure of Zine Ben Ali and they had canceled the visa of former president and his family. The Treasury Department has also asked U.S. banks to make a report on transactions in Tunisia. Tunisians accused the family of Ben Ali for having enriched at the expense of the country and Tunisia expressed its intention to recover the embezzled money.
To achieve this, the Tunisian authorities have specifically requested assistance from Interpol for the arrest of ousted president and that of his wife, Leila Trabelsi, they intend to try him for "possession of property (expropriation) and transfer foreign currency abroad, announced on Wednesday the Minister of Justice, Lazhar Karoui Chebbi. Zine Ben Ali has fled Tunisia in mid-January and is currently in Saudi Arabia. Six members of the presidential guard tried for "conspiracy against state security and incitement to armed violence"
Lazhar Karoui Chebbi cited seven family members in detention Ben Ali in Tunisia but said Imedi Trabelsi Leila Trabelsi's nephew, and al-Sakhr Materi, son-Zine Ben Ali, had fled abroad. The name of Belhassan Trabelsi, brother of Leila, was also submitted to Interpol, "he said.
Lazhar Karoui Chebbi added that six members of the presidential guard Ben Ali, which Ali Seriate, would be tried for "conspiracy against state security and incitement to armed violence." No action is under preparation at this stage Rafik Belhaj Kacem cons, Interior Minister who led the crackdown on protests in late December and was sacked just days before the flight of Ben Ali, said the minister also informed of the escape of 11,000 prisoners since the fall of the former president. 2,460 others were freed.
For now, the Tunisian government transition must be revised on Wednesday, mainly to fill vacancies since the resignation of five members over the last seven days according to the Minister of Education. Clashes between protesters and police in Tunis
Clashes again objected on Wednesday morning with protestors Tunisian police near the government headquarters in Tunis. Reuters reporters saw police use tear gas against hundreds of protesters, including teenagers and young people who threw stones.
Directed by security forces, protesters threw Cops Leila! ", Referring to Leila Trabelsi, the unpopular wife of Zine Ben Ali, which had great influence on the life of the country before the fall of the regime January 14. The demonstrators from it seems to rural areas of the country, camped near the seat of government. For its part, the UGTT, the vast central Tunisian Association announced a strike on Wednesday in Sfax, the second largest city and economic center.

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