Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accused of mismanagement, Aides said he was "shocked and stunned"

CHARITY - "Le Parisien" published a study that challenges the management of the association ...
Leaders largely advantaged and donations badly reinvested. The findings of the study confidential cabinet SECAFI revealed by Le Parisien on Thursday were a bombshell in aid, which officials have been quick to react. In a statement released late Tuesday morning, they say they are "shocked and stunned", referring to a "mock scoop. This "publication (...) is very hard blow dealt to all our supporters and the fight against AIDS as a whole."
According to the article in the Parisian economic management of the association is unsatisfactory. Thus, only 60.3% of 22.2 million euros collected in 2009 were used to support local missions, as preventive measures, support or distribution of condoms. A figure linked to the "operating cost" of the association, present in 70 cities in France, according to Christian Andréo, director of national actions to aid, contacted by The advantages of leaders already known
The published study also questions the reasons which led to a housing grant of up to 2010 according to Christian Saout who was president from 1999 to Aid ... 2007. The latter, now honorary president, would still be paid 110,000 euros per year, paid by the State Council. "It's fitting that has been validated by the Directorate General of Health, under its provision," says Christian Andréo. As for the housing office, "it allowed us to save tens of thousands of dollars in hotel nights," he defends himself.
Le Parisien also ensures that the salary of the Chief Vincent Pelletier has jumped 17% between 2007 and 2009 to $ 9500 per month. Finally, if his pay does not increase, he would receive a bonus. "The damage is done"
According to the study but this would not help the internal affairs of the association, already undermined with the resignation of the secretary of the Central Works Council in 2010. "We will not deny it," says Christian Andréo. "Dissension, there are but as in any voluntary sector at the moment. We are not an exception. " The firm SECAFI "suggests a" possible discomfort at work. " "We've posted a report from an outside firm on the working conditions on aid, says the director of national actions. It gets nearly 80% of satisfaction. "
To aid, "the damage is done." Its officials complain that the writing has not contacted them on Monday afternoon the day before publication. The association said so "outraged, hurt by these allegations misused, misleading, and is now considering all avenues, including legal, to dispute point by point the evidence of this alleged investigation."
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