Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tunisia: Paris "did not take the proper measure of the" despair "(Sarkozy)

Nicolas Sarkozy has long justified on Monday against France's attitude to the revolution in Tunisia, admitting that Paris had "not taken the proper measure" of the "desperation" of a brother nation, claiming as "a certain reserve "on the former colonies.
"It's a brotherly people who decided to take control of its destiny. When you're so close, when individual and collective destinies are so intertwined, it does not always step back," said Mr Sarkozy before the press, while the French government has been strongly criticized for its wait until the fall of former president Ben Ali.
"Behind the emancipation of women, the effort of education and training, economic dynamism, the emergence of a middle class, there was despair, suffering, feelings of suffocation which we must admit, we had not taken the right measure, "he said.
Extending his argument, Nicolas Sarkozy has claimed "a certain reserve" of France about the events taking place in its former colonies and protectorates, and "especially in Algeria."
"The president of the French Republic should consider the weight of history as he assesses the evolution of each of these countries," Sarkozy said.
"I claim a certain reserve when it comes to commenting on the events of countries were France and who are no longer," he added.
"I claim this reservation, this decline, especially in Algeria," which are also held social unrest, "he said.
"Maybe I am wrong but I claim that position," stressed the head of state.

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