Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Explosive situation in Lebanon

POLICY - The fall of the Hariri government and Hezbollah positions cause a stir in the streets ... From our special correspondent in Beirut
Tires burned in southern and northern Lebanon is spreading Monday evening in Beirut. The Sunni community is very present in the large cities of Sidon and Tripoli, and in the Lebanese capital, saw red with the announced victory of the parliamentary opposition led by Hezbollah in choosing the next prime minister. Hezbollah wants a "neutral person"
On 12 January, the resignation of the ministers of Hezbollah and its allies had brought down the government led by Saad Hariri, in protest against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to shed light on the assassination, February 14, 2005, Saad's father Rafiq Hariri.
Persistent leakage around the indictment involving members of the Party of God. Last Friday, the reversal of the Druze Walid Jumblatt has tipped the balance in favor of the opposition called "8-Mars, turning it back on the majority of so-called" 14-Mars "by siding" behind the Resistance and Syria "to preserve civil peace.
Under the Constitution, the President of the Republic, Michel Suleiman, is currently hearing the leaders of all political parties. Saad Hariri, Prime Minister and outgoing candidate to succeed himself, remains the pivotal figure in the Sunni scene, this post back to this community tradition.
But the opposition, Hezbollah head did not want to hear: Monday, she proposed the name Nagib Mikati, "neutral person" according to them but very close to Syria (he maintains strong business ties with the Assad family in power in Damascus). Mikati had been appointed Prime Minister in 2005, following the assassination of Hariri father. "No rule for Hezbollah"
However, this figure Sunni has no legitimacy, nor politic, nor popular. This is what the demonstrators wanted to hear all day in the streets of major cities. In Beirut on Monday evening, several avenues, such as that which leads to the international airport were temporarily cut off by dams of burning tires. One of them even being drawn to a few tens of meters from the bedroom of the Ambassador of France ... >> Read more about the blog chronicles Beirut
Then, about 21h, a spontaneous demonstration began in front of the mausoleum of Rafik Hariri, Martyrs Square in the heart of the capital. The cry of "not welcome Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guards are the Revolutionary Guards, came to Iran for training members of Hezbollah) or" No rule for Hezbollah, some 200 demonstrators shouted their ras-le-bol before this they call "the coup of Hezbollah."
The procession then went to the statue erected in tribute to Samir Kassir, journalist and fierce opponent of Syrian tutelage, murdered June 2, 2005. "We will not yield to any compromise," said Walid Fakhreddine, young face of 14-Mar. We do not want an Iranian state here! "
If Monday night, mobilization appeared to be limited, a watchword for a general strike was launched on Tuesday. Schools should keep doors closed. The protesters tonight promised to return every day until their ballots - the laws of 2009 had extended the majority of Hariri - are taken into account. Far from the pressure of arms.

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