Tuesday, January 25, 2011

USA: the alleged perpetrator of the shooting of Tucson pleads "not guilty"

PHOENIX (USA) - The alleged perpetrator of the shooting of Tucson, in which six people were killed and 14 injured, including an elected Congress, has pleaded not guilty Monday as part of three indictments for attempted murder, his lawyer said.Jared Loughner was indicted last week on three counts by a jury, including the attempted assassination of an elected.Sitting on the dock, dressed in orange prisoner's uniform Jared Lee Loughner pleaded through his lawyer, not guilty of the attempted murder of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and two of his collaborators.
United States, pleading guilty is not to declare himself innocent. It is a legal procedure that gives the accused greater flexibility in its defense.

Loughner, 22, was arrested at the scene of the shooting, which occurred at a meeting organized by Democrat Gabrielle Giffords voted Jan. 8 in a mall in Tucson (Arizona).

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